Total Xbox All Providing the latest All news, previews, reviews, features, tips and cheats for UK gamers en-gn Copyright 2011 Future Fri, 25 Apr 2014 04:29:29 +0000 Eden v2.0 Screenshots: Titanfall's Expedition DLC is a little bit Assassin's Creedy An introduction to the partly holographic War Games map.
Stand by once again for Titanfall, Pilots. Respawn has released screenshots of the game's Expedition DLC pack, which hits Xbox One next month.

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Things to do in Watch Dogs Xbox One - 14 ways to disturb the peace Chicago has gone to the dogs.
"Who watches the watchers?" is a question posed by the Roman poet Juvenal and, latterly, the creators of Watch Dogs. After four hours with Ubisoft's open world adventure, I can confidently report that it's the wrong question to ask. A better question could be "why did that helicopter just stop working in mid-air?" Or "why did all the lights in this stadium suddenly go out?" Or "what's that giant spider doing on top of that tastefully accoutred apartment block?"

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Enemy Front Xbox 360 hands-on - this World War is wearing thin What are the Nazis up to nowadays? Aoife heads to Europe to find out.
I'm not sure where I was the day I was supposed to receive my military training, but I must admit I'll be of no use at all when WWIII inevitably rolls around. Certainly nowhere near as useful as Robert Hawkins, the all-American journalist and protagonist of upcoming WWII shooter Enemy Front, who gets swept up in conflicts across mainland Europe, and inexplicably becomes a war hero despite not actually being a soldier. Because video games.

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Evolve video: eight monstrous minutes of Hunted gameplay With live commentary and perspective switching.
What would you do, if you were a massive leathery gorilla with the ability to spit fire and hoik boulders around? You'd probably make a bit of a spectacle of yourself, wouldn't you - but as regards Turtle Rock's Evolve, in which a single monster and four human players slug it out, the underhand approach may be preferable.

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How Fable Legends uses Xbox One's graphics power - new screenshots Also - a brand new enemy type, the Redcap.
Lionhead has sneaked out a few new Fable Legends screenies, care of a fan Easter Egg hunt and a witheringly technical blog about the Unreal Engine.

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Has Microsoft revived Lionhead's Eden Falls project for Xbox One? Or has it greenlighted a Windows Phone game from Brimstone Interactive?.
Earlier this week, it was discovered that Microsoft had filed a trademark for "Eden Falls" in the US, with reference to "entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game".

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Epic teases "high end" game that will "push next generation graphics" Plus a "large number" of third party Unreal Engine 4 titles.
Epic has a "high end" game in development that will showcase the power of the new Unreal Engine, according to the firm's co-founder Tim Sweeney, much as Gears of War wowed players back at the dawn of the Xbox 360 era.

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Ubisoft would like to go "deeper" on Watch Dogs 2 "There's stuff we discovered by making Watch Dogs that are interesting to pursue".
Yeah, it always seems a little lame to start asking developers about a sequel before the first game is even released, but in this day and age - when most studios are concentrating on cultivating franchises rather than singular stand alone titles - it's pretty valid.

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Destiny classes trailer shows off Titan, Hunter and Warlock gameplay Choose your Guardian.
Destiny's official site underwent a shiny new upgrade yesterday. Along with screenshots and developer diaries, a trio of new trailers were uploaded that show the game's Titan, Hunter and Warlock classes in action.

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Skylanders Trap Team announced New characters, more toys to collect.
Steady your wallets, there's a new Skylanders game coming. Skylanders Trap Team allows players to capture villains from the game into a new accessory, the 'Traptanium Portal' (a "new ring of magical energy" according to the enthusiastic press release), before releasing them back into the digital world as heroes to fight for the forces of good.

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Watch Dogs multiplayer hands-on - giving GTA Online a run for its money? The first of our reports on a day with Ubisoft's digital dandy.
I'm not sure what a real-life hacker war looks like. Presumably it looks like a bunch of guys (let's face it, they're probably going to be guys) sitting at over-muscled computers, swilling energy drinks around their mouths as they stitch together toxic tapestries of noughts and ones. Watch Dogs multiplayer walks a different road. Actually, it drives down that road at a suicidal velocity with its gun out the window, detonating random gas pipes with swipes of an in-game touchscreen. "Follow the White Rabbit?" You'd do better to look for a wall to hide behind.

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Here's where Master Chief's voice actor thinks Halo 5 could take us "He's holding Cortana's chip...".
Halo 5 is such a tightly-wrapped secret that even Steve Downes, voice of Master Chief, can't say for certain where the Reclaimer trilogy will take us next. He's got a few insights to share, however, based on his time as John-117 in Halo 4. Watch out - spoilers are incoming.

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Lord of the Fallen Xbox One - an RPG in search of an identity Is Deck 13's new game more than just Dark Souls defanged?.
Prior to yesterday's hands-off preview event, all I really knew about Deck 13's third-person action-RPG Lords of the Fallen was that everybody had compared it to Dark Souls. Within minutes, I could definitely see the resemblance.

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Silent Hill meets Salvador Dali - how Grave for Xbox One aims to terrify "The best experience is one that makes the player feel vulnerable.".
This is how confident Broken Window Studios is that its 2015-bound horror escapade Grave will scare your socks off: the developer has already revealed many of the game's supernatural enemies on Kickstarter, thus cheerily breaking the oft-cited "Cardinal Rule" that you should never show players exactly what it is they're frightened of.

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GTA 5 source code hints at the addition of a jet pack - rumour Come fly with me.
You might remember the two-part GTA 5 secrets round-up I did many moons ago when the game first released. Perhaps you remember one secret in particular - the mystery surrounding the Mount Chiliad mural, where players could spy seemingly innocuous etchings depicting eggs and jetpacks and UFOs in the cable car station. Turns out they may not be so innocuous after all.

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Call of Duty 2014 - developer Sledgehammer reveals first image Activision says the as-yet unannounced title will be "next-gen first".
This year's Call of Duty, which developer Sledgehammer has been working on for almost three years, has appeared online for the very first time in a pretty impressive close up character model shot that developer Sledgehammer claims represents actual in-game characters. Next gen pores - we've arrived, people.

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Xbox One Japan release date locked down for September No sign of Microsoft's mystery big name Japanese-made exclusive.
The Xbox One will finally go on sale in Japan on 4th September, around 10 months after its launch in the UK, North America and Australia. Microsoft has also unveiled a partial list of confirmed games in the latest issue of Famitsu, via Gematsu - it includes Halo for Xbox One and Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive, though it's not clear whether these will be available at launch.

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Creating the Gears of War trilogy: what would Rod Fergusson have done differently? And how much of that will affect Gears of War for Xbox One?.
Much like my to-do list, Gears of War's world is a work of outward chaos and hidden order. Its curiously grubby and hunched-over squad battles take place in firebombed cities and shattered caverns, but each environment, no matter how confused on the surface, is a carefully organised space - the product of relentless playtesting, born on a whiteboard or a designer's pad as a graceful knot of routes and sightlines.

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Why the love of your life probably won't return in Dragon Age: Inquisition "There's a lot of baggage," cautions BioWare's Mark Darrah.
BioWare's approach to love interests in games continues to be a source of interest, amusement... and heartbreak. The forthcoming Inquisition's lovey-dovey sequences come in three flavours, according to one PAX attendee - squeaky clean affectionate romances, romances that are just for laughs (I'm very familiar with this category), and the devilish, ever-so-delicious "forbidden" romances, which generally involve a rival character.

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New Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer takes wing - run for cover Also features the worst Varric quote ever.
BioWare has released a new trailer for Dragon Age: Inquisition, which dances around such "core gameplay pillars" as melee, sorcery, dragon battles, exploration and mounts. Also: the most deflating attempt at a sunglasses-worthy movie quote ever. You'll know it when you hear it. Take the rain with the shine.

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GRID for Xbox One will come "in time", assures Codemasters "We don't want to have to rush and only put out a handful of tracks.".
Bummed out by today's announcement that the next GRID game won't appear on Xbox One or PS4? Be of good cheer. Codemasters will ultimately bring the racing series to current generation consoles, but only when it has something "really great" to show.

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We can't just "plop Xbox 360 features into the code base of Xbox One", says Microsoft More Xbox One update news at E3 2014.
Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has stuck up for Xbox One's operating system and interface, assuring Redditors that "we will continue to add more and more features to Xbox One - features you've seen on Xbox 360 and new ones that are only possible on Xbox One". Adding features from Xbox 360 isn't as straightforward as hitting "CTRL+C", however.

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Xbox Live sale: NBA 2K14, Need for Speed: Rivals and DLC up to 75% off Slam dunk or slam this junk?.
Another week, another Deal of the Week, another opportunity to prematurely impoverish yourself ahead of Friday night. The excellent NBA 2K14 and Need for Speed: Rivals are up for grabs this time. The former had a few online difficulties at launch - would any existing players care to chime in on how it holds up today?

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Xbox Live status alert: GTA 5 and Call of Duty: Ghosts affected Microsoft promises to get things up and running again as soon as possible.
If the four-day weekend wasn't long enough for you and you're still glued to your Xbox 360 or Xbox One, beware - online games of GTA 5 and Call of Duty: Ghosts may be affected by some planned engineering work this morning.

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Assassin's Creed: Unity to feature 4-player co-op - report Ubisoft to add story-driven co-op mode in latest AC title.
What do we know about Assassin's Creed: Unity so far? One, that it's taking place in 18th Paris, and two, it's set to launch on new generation consoles only. Oh, and if recent rumours are to believed, it'll feature a four-player story-led co-op mode. How about that.

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GRID: Autosport revealed for Xbox 360 - trailer, screenshots and details Will be a more authentic sim than GRID 2.
Codemasters has announced a new GRID game, as teased - GRID: Autosport. Out this year for Xbox 360 and PS3, it "aims to move the series back in line as a more authentic racing game" based on fan feedback to GRID 2. Here's the trailer, some screenshots and a whole lot of details.

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Halo Escalation comic teases Halo 5 plot details "After defeating the Didact, John-117 joined the crew of Infinity . . . but why did he leave?".
What's Master Chief up to nowadays? I suspect that he's reclining on a pile of silken cushions, surfing the Discovery channel and mashing handfuls of grapes against his visor, but Brian Reed may have a better idea. He's the writer of the eighth Halo: Escalation comic, which explores the "secret events that immediately follow the end of Halo 4".

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Xbox One console sales hit 5 million worldwide Titanfall also the top-selling game in the US throughout March.
Worldwide sold-in (shipped) figures of Xbox One have hit a pretty impressive milestone: five million consoles have been sent around the world to make a new home in lounge rooms. Hear that? That's the sound of champagne corks popping and the collective hands of Microsoft patting itself on the back for a job well done.

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OXM AU news roundup: smart cars, Cortana versus Siri, and the end of the world A weekly(ish) wrap of the last week (or so).
Hello Tuesday! Considering it's ANZAC Day at the end of the week, it's really almost like Wednesday. Sorry we're a bit behind today, but we're busy putting the finishing touches on an upcoming issue of the mag. Onward, to the links!

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Mass Effect 3's ending: Was BioWare right to deny players choice? From the OXM archive: Ed compares BioWare's opus to Spec Ops and I Am Alive.
According to Andrew Ryan, "a man chooses - a slave obeys." Rapture's overlord had bigger fish to fry at the time, but he might have been alluding to the popular conviction that games that impose limits aren't really games at all, but expressions of an antiquated cultural tyranny. Holders of this view often seem terrified that we're on the brink of slipping back into the arms of non-interactive entertainment. Hence, continual agitation for "more freedom". Walls must be lowered - invisible or otherwise - and any suggestion of guidance or direction stamped out.

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Tropico 5 Xbox 360 - a long overdue revolution Raise a family. And taxes. And a death squad.
It's all well and good being a despotic ruler, but to really have staying power you need a despotic dynasty. Raising a family to nurture your thriving democracy/totalitarian labour state after you've gone is the only way to ensure you get the "[Your Name Here]: A Warning From History" Discovery Channel biopic you really deserve.

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Fan entitlement: how developers deal with the haters From the OXM archive: The minds behind Devil May Cry, Battlefield 3 and Aliens talk fury and feedback.
According to Gearbox Software's Brian Thomas, cinematic director for Aliens: Colonial Marines, human beings need to be taught the art of being nice to each other. "One of my degrees is in Political Science, and I had a Political Polling professor tell us that his number one rule was that angry people have the easiest time talking to you," he explained to me at a recent preview event, discussing tempestuous responses to the game's interpretation of Alien lore. "Because it's a really easy thing to grasp and articulate, usually in a curse towards you. Positivity is a harder thing to grasp, because we're not trained to actively go to another person and say something positive to them unprompted."

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Is Spider-Man all played out? A licensed game retrospective As The Amazing Spiderman 2 swings closer to release, we cast a glance at the hero's troubled game ancestry.
Our friendly neighbourhood web-slinger certainly likes to dabble his web-shooter in videogame adaptations. In total, players have launched poor Peter Parker across skyscraper rooftops in nine solo outings since the dawn of the original Xbox. That isn't counting brick-related torment in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, or when the burning desire to wallop the web-head boils over in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

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Spring Sale: Buy OXM UK's digital edition for 50% off Offer runs till 23rd April, applies to iTunes Store and Google Play.
What better way to celebrate the spring break - spring break, woo! - than by picking up an electronic copy of our magazine for half price? Alas, it doesn't contain any chocolate eggs or bunnies. Sorry. Digital distribution has its downsides. You could always spend the money you've saved on chocolate, however.

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Disaster Squad: behind the scenes at the Xbox Live Operations Centre Meet the crack team that makes each and every online match possible.
What does it take to keep gaming's most popular online service not just alive but thriving? An inhuman amount of work and a staggering level of planning. We make an exclusive pilgrimage to the never-before-photographed home of online gaming's guardian angels: the Xbox Live Operations Centre.

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Undead undercover: getting to grips with Murdered: Soul Suspect Reports of your demise have been in no way exaggerated. Scott Butterworth investigates.
You're standing in an empty street. Darkness quickly swallows the eerie light emanating from an ancient streetlamp as a thin fog descends on the surrounding brownstones. At your feet you find a body. Your body. Suddenly you remember, in fragments and flashes: a serial killer at large, reports of a suspect nearby, an altercation in the upstairs apartment... the sound of shattering glass.

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Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox One - how Rocksteady rocked Wayne's world again Panic on the streets of Gotham as Rocksteady completes its trilogy.
It's raining in Gotham City tonight. On the streets and the skyscrapers, on the cops and criminals, and on the one man who's gone further to protect its citizens than anyone else. Tonight, he faces his greatest threat yet.

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Still playing: Why can't I stop sleeping around in Fable 2? Phillipa Warr is finding it hard to concentrate on the main quest.
Returning to Fable II, I realise I have absolutely no recollection of the game's plot despite having spent dozens of hours wandering around Albion in my original playthrough. This gaming amnesia is entirely the fault of Fable II's sexy town criers.

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Watch out - Evolve's next monster could be a giant insect "So we're going down there?".
Pictures are generally worth a thousand words, but the below piece of Evolve concept art - discreetly posted to the game's Twitter feed last month - only needs to be worth three: "Underground", "Darkness" and "Insects".

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Video: "Brace yourselves" for a new GRID game Announcement will happen on 22nd April.
Codemasters has something to share. What could it be? Well, let's run through the evidence: (1) there's a teaser video up on the GRID Youtube channel, (2) It's full of car noises, and (3) The video tagline is "brace yourselves - racing is coming". Sorry, I've got nothing. Any thoughts to share?

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