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Thursday 21st Aug 2014
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    Destiny's launch trailer is here - "all that matters is what you'll become"

    Like a city-sized asteroid, Bungie and Activision's Destiny is about to smack into the surface of the Earth. The consequence can only be the complete depopulation of our planet's surface, as millions of people disappear in-doors to take up the mantle of a Guardian, explore a make-believe solar system and shoot spider tanks in the face.

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    How returning Dragon Age players will shape Inquisition's world before jumping in

    Dragon Age: Inquisition doesn't support save imports from Dragon Age 2 and Origins, but you'll still get to customise the world to match choices in prior games using the Dragon Age: Keep app. Will this boil down to simple questions like "Did I complete it?" and "Was I a complete heel to literally everybody I met, regardless of race, sex and hat size"? Seemingly, it's a bit more profound than that.

Wednesday 20th Aug 2014
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    Video: An hour of Halo 2 Xbox One multiplayer on Sanctuary and Ascension

    There was an awful lot of Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer to be had at Gamescom last week - and an awful lot of that multiplayer has wound up in the below video, in which Mason "Neighbor" Cobb, Eric "GH057ayame" Hewitt, Sean "DeRsKy" Swidersky and Vartan "Killer V" Karakashyan play Team Slayer on the newly Xbox One-ified Ascension and Sanctuary maps. It's an hour-long session, encompassing five hard-fought matches, so if you need to visit the bathroom or have your legs waxed or whatever, please do so before hitting "play".