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Tuesday 29th Jul 2014
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    Xbox Live sale: Battlefield 4 DLC, FIFA 14, Madden 25 up to 70% off

    Sometimes, Microsoft's Deals of the Week are full of quirky indie games. Other times, we're handed a bunch of EA Sports titles and Battlefield DLC. Check out the latest reductions below. Notice their cast-iron imperviousness to whimsy, to anything save the coldest and most calculating of commercial sentiments. It's like staring at the Superbowl licensing down one side of a Predator drone, just before it puts a missile through your patio.

Monday 28th Jul 2014
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    Did you miss the Destiny beta's Moon mission? Watch it here

    On Saturday night, Bungie made Destiny's first Moon-based story mission "The Darkness Beyond" available to beta players on Xbox 360 and Xbox One for two whole hours. I was having dinner with my girlfriend at the time, but what is mere transient love when set against Man's age-old desire to zip around craters aboard a stolen Pike, severely upsetting dug in Hive Acolytes and Knights? Besides, I hear wizards come from the Moon.

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    Destiny's beta "barely scratched the surface", says Bungie - "the Moon is our smallest destination"

    Space, as Douglas Adams once wrote, is "vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big", and so by logical extension is Destiny, Bungie's latest interplanetary adventure. You might think otherwise, admittedly, if you limit your investigation to this Reddit thread, which reveals that there will be "only" one explorable area per planet. Posting on NeoGAF, the developer's Eric "Urk" Osborne reassured beta players that the full game is packed with things to see and do.

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    New Tekken 7 trailer declares it "the conclusion of the Mishima saga"

    Imagine a Mishima family Christmas. They'd be all "Waahh you threw me into a volcano" and "Gawd, stop letting your bodyguard bear fart on me ffs." If you thought they were dysfunctional before, just wait until you see the latest trailer for Tekken 7, which proclaims that the title will serve as a conclusion to the Mishima family saga.