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Thursday 24th Apr 2014
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    Evolve video: eight monstrous minutes of Hunted gameplay

    What would you do, if you were a massive leathery gorilla with the ability to spit fire and hoik boulders around? You'd probably make a bit of a spectacle of yourself, wouldn't you - but as regards Turtle Rock's Evolve, in which a single monster and four human players slug it out, the underhand approach may be preferable.

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    Ubisoft would like to go "deeper" on Watch Dogs 2

    Yeah, it always seems a little lame to start asking developers about a sequel before the first game is even released, but in this day and age - when most studios are concentrating on cultivating franchises rather than singular stand alone titles - it's pretty valid.

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    Skylanders Trap Team announced

    Steady your wallets, there's a new Skylanders game coming. Skylanders Trap Team allows players to capture villains from the game into a new accessory, the 'Traptanium Portal' (a "new ring of magical energy" according to the enthusiastic press release), before releasing them back into the digital world as heroes to fight for the forces of good.

Wednesday 23rd Apr 2014
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    Here's where Master Chief's voice actor thinks Halo 5 could take us

    Halo 5 is such a tightly-wrapped secret that even Steve Downes, voice of Master Chief, can't say for certain where the Reclaimer trilogy will take us next. He's got a few insights to share, however, based on his time as John-117 in Halo 4. Watch out - spoilers are incoming.

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    GTA 5 source code hints at the addition of a jet pack - rumour

    You might remember the two-part GTA 5 secrets round-up I did many moons ago when the game first released. Perhaps you remember one secret in particular - the mystery surrounding the Mount Chiliad mural, where players could spy seemingly innocuous etchings depicting eggs and jetpacks and UFOs in the cable car station. Turns out they may not be so innocuous after all.

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    Call of Duty 2014 - developer Sledgehammer reveals first image

    This year's Call of Duty, which developer Sledgehammer has been working on for almost three years, has appeared online for the very first time in a pretty impressive close up character model shot that developer Sledgehammer claims represents actual in-game characters. Next gen pores - we've arrived, people.