Xbox 360 News

Friday 30th Jan 2015
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    Life is Strange Episode 1 gets a nice launch trailer

    Life is Strange is what Remember Me developers Dontnod did next: an episodic, Telltale-style adventure where your choices are promised to have a ripple-down effect on the unfolding story. The first part is out now, and as is the way of things, it's been given a launch trailer explaining what it's all about.

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    Battlefield Hardline open beta starts next week

    The cop, or 'cawwwp', is the natural enemy of the robber, so can you imagine what would happen if a game put the two of them together? EA and Visceral Games have done the unthinkable with Battlefield Hardline, a silly game of cops and robbers but with explosions, big name actors, and probably a bit in the story where you get betrayed by someone you trusted.

Thursday 29th Jan 2015