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Monday 28th Jul 2014
Friday 25th Jul 2014
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    Video: Sunset Overdrive's customisation options are pretty insane

    If you can never decide what to wear between your top hat and your cowboy boots, never fear. Sunset Overdrive will let you wear them both together, with perhaps a pretty pink tutu to tie the whole outfit together. Developer Insomniac Games has shown off the game's player customisation options in a new video over on Polygon, and the sheer amount of accessories on offer is nothing short of amazing.

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    Video: The Harlem Shake comes to Destiny

    Lord Shax! We now have peak Internet Virality across all systems! The Great Enterprise can finally begin! Yes, somebody's thrown together a Harlem Shake video for Destiny, thus opening the floodgates to every dance-based meme from the past decade. Gaze upon those sweet, sweet moves, ye mighty, and despair.