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Thursday 30th Oct 2014
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    Video: Cower before Resident Evil's Xbox One remaster

    Capcom's umpteenth remaster - a spruced-up edition of the Gamecube's spruced-up edition of the PlayStation's Resident Evil, for Xbox One and Xbox 360 - has a new trailer, which explores such additions as the alternative control scheme and costumes. Some of you may struggle with the Japanese voiceover, but the on-screen action should be comprehensible enough. Being eaten by the undead is the ultimate international language.

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    Video: Minecraft's creativity meets Call of Duty's carnage in Guncraft

    The Committee for the Promotion of General Mayhem hereby recognises Guncraft: Blocked and Loaded, an Xbox 360 port of a PC game in which players carefully build maps out of blocks, then blow them apart using helicopters and machineguns. You are definitely cooking with charcoal, Exato. When's the release date again?

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    Bungie explains why some of Destiny's DLC is on the disc

    Destiny's emphasis on exploration somewhat backfired the other week when intrepid pioneers managed to wangle their way into hidden areas that form part of upcoming DLC packs - the first of which, The Dark Below, arrives on 9th December. Speaking to Eurogamer, Bungie president Harold Ryan has offered a defence against ensuing claims that the developer and Activision are cheating players of content that should be included with the main game.

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    Build your Dragon Age: Inquisition world now using the free Keep app

    It's said that you can tell a lot about somebody by the company they keep. I think you can deduce a lot more from the quality of the RPG world they leave behind. BioWare, of course, specialises in this sort of endgame payoff, as anybody who's ever banished an Archdemon or fought a Reaper fleet will know.

Wednesday 29th Oct 2014