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These are the guys who make OXM happen:

  • Jon Hicks - Editor

    OXM Jonty / @MrJonty

    Jon has been writing about games for ten years and been running OXM for five years, a process that has aged him by around 30 years. He spends most of his time swearing at his email, but writes when he can.

    During his time at Future he has eaten unidentifiable pink lumps in a canteen in Chernobyl, been forced to attend a strip club by a director of a major games studio, fallen asleep in the middle of interviewing a Microsoft vice-president and told Activision's head of PR that Call of Duty would never take off because it was 'just a Medal of Honor clone, really.' He likes shooters, open-world games and really cheap second-hand cars.

  • Edwin Evans-Thirlwell - Deputy Editor

    OXM ETBoy / @dirigiblebill

    If Jonty is OXM's Prince John, Edwin is our Sheriff of Nottingham. He's mostly responsible for this very website, which he rules with an iron fist and, where necessary, a mocking laugh. Likes: RPGs that aren't a grind and open worlds that aren't tedious. He's from Yorkshire but sounds like he's from Rivendell.

  • Jon 'Log' Blyth - Associate Editor

    OXM Log / @disappointment

    Our in-house celebrity, Log's CV includes work for PC Zone, the Guardian, Charlie Brooker's production company Zeppotron and the book and TV series The Law of the Playground. Despite all this and winning multiple awards for his writing and video production, he remains entirely self-deprecating. Everybody calls him Log for reasons that unclear, even to himself.

  • Aoife Wilson - Staff Writer

    OXM Aoife / @AoifeLockhart

    Staff writer Aoife is Irish, which explains the nigh-on impossible to pronounce name - sorry about that. She splits her time between playing games, writing about games and talking about games. If she isn't doing that, she's reading comics. One day, she might get round to trying this 'fresh air' thing people keep talking about. One day.

  • Curtis Phillips-Cozier - Art Editor

    OXM DJ Coziee

    OXM's longest-serving staffer, Curtis joined the mag in the days of the original Xbox and has outlasted all challengers to become the resident fighting game expert. He now spends more of his spare time DJing than playing games, but can always be tempted back by Kinect Sports or Trials HD.

  • John Finbow - Deputy Art Editor

    OXM Roll N Go

    The world's most deadpan man, John spends his days designing the magazine and his nights rebuilding his Lambretta, which has now sprouted so many Mod-style accoutrements it requires its own full-size parking space. His contribution to the magazine was honoured by our in-house Rock Band's first album release, Finbow's Sex Face.

  • Jennifer Meade - Production Editor

    OXM RockOn

    The endlessly patient overseer of OXM, Jenny presides over the day-to-day organisation of the magazine, bringing order to an office that resembles a recently-looted branch of Gamestation. Currently on maternity leave attempting to persuade her husband not to raise their daughter as a WWE fighter. Her Kryptonite is Nicolas Cage, for reasons that have yet to be identified by science.

  • Scott Gilchrist - Disc Production Manager

    Scott has been working on Xbox discs since the dawn of the original console, and can remember when the all this was to be ruled by Blinx The Time Sweeper. Nowadays he leads the team that creates the discs for OXM both in the UK and abroad, a process that involves emailing people about Ms Splosion Man at three in the morning.

  • Anthony Willcox - Xbox 360 Developer

    Our resident development wizard spends his days hunting bugs through a sprawling, ever-developing jungle of different code, and then fixing them with surgical precision. Or if there’s no time, cobbling something together with string and sticking plaster and getting it through to certification with minutes to spare.




  • Regina Erak - Licensing and Syndication Director, International Licensing

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Working at OXM

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