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Clover suffers delay, creator slams Microsoft

Xbox Live Community game suffers at the hands of a "flawed approvals process".

Xbox Live Community title Clover has suffered a minor delay to its release, which has led to its creator attacking Microsoft's approval process.

The issue is that the approval process only allows you to resubmit a failed game once seven days have passed following the initial attempt. This is to stop game creators from constantly resubmitting games that haven't had their bugs fixed.

Clover suffered from a minor error due to Microsoft's XNA framework that caused a crash and despite fixing it immediately, Binary Tweed now has to wait a week to try again. It seems to be a strange complaint - after all, his game did crash - but Binary Tweed is certainly vocal about it.

"Clover would be out now if it wasn't for a framework bug in Microsoft's XNA," reads the blog, "and what I consider to be a flawed approvals process, which results in me having to sit on my backside for a week completely unable to make any progress.

"When will Clover be out? Who knows. The review process (which itself lasts a few days) will commence again on Sunday, all going well. Knowing my luck some obsessive tester will fail it again for crashing whilst using a guitar controller whilst yanking out the hard drive and hitting the 360 with an axe."

We're looking forward to playing this one, given it's one of the higher profile Community titles of late, so let's hope we see it sooner rather than later.