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Rebellion: Shellshock 2 "not our finest hour"

Dud FPS "was aiming really high"

Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley has spoken about the company's last game, the critically panned Shellshock 2: Blood Trails, in the new issue of OXM going out to subscribers today.

We were in the studio for our world-exclusive first look at the company's new title, Aliens vs. Predator for SEGA, but we had to ask about Rebellion's last FPS (which we absolutely hated, and gave a score of 2/10) just to make sure it was a one-off.

"Shellshock 2 was a difficult project that we inherited when we took over the Derby studio of Core Design," Kingsley said.

"It was not our proudest moment. I think it was aiming really high from a creative perspective. I think it missed its objectives completely in a lot of ways. It was very difficult."

It's clear Kingsley is embarrassed about the damage the half-baked title has done to the studio's reputation. Thankfully, it looks like Rebellion is back on form with Aliens vs. Predator. The game looks stunning, and unabashedly adult - it's the most violent game we've seen yet on Xbox 360. Find out more details and exclusive screenshots in issue 47, hitting newsstands on Thursday 7th May.