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No more being a banker. Ahem.

There are a lot of advantages to playing Monopoly on the Xbox 360. For a start, the banking is taken care of by the console, rather than some thieving uncle or little brother.

Also, given that no-one can remember the rules with regards to auctioning properties, it's great to have a mindless machine take care of the cold hard rules rather than relying on an acrimonious family dispute to settle each contended street. Finally, the virtual version has the good grace to tell you when you're incapable of paying off your debts and lets you retire with dignity rather than thrashing around like a fish on a line.


Unfortunately, there seem to be a few disadvantages too. The one that will perhaps be most immediately obvious is that, unless you have other willing players in your household who have a couple of hours spare, you'll end up playing against the chips inside your 360.

The lack of Xbox Live play is a hugely missed opportunity for a game that is about screwing other people out of cash and property - making a faceless AI bankrupt simply isn't as satisfying. There's also the problematic lack of an option to turn off the cheap jazz that constantly loops in the background.

Other than that, though, this is exactly what it says on the plastic case - a virtual version of Monopoly. If that lights your fire then knock yourself out.

The verdict

A decent port of the classic game.

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