Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2

It's a gundam son of a bitch!

So it's Dynasty Warriors, which means running around hitting things. It's Gundam, which means hot robot-on-robot action rather than blazing through Chinese history. And it's got a 2 on the end, which means it's a sequel, so it should be better than the last one. Right?

Right. Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 isn't out to surprise you, especially not if you powered through the original. The pace is brisker, the fighting system is deeper, there are more modes to get into, giant robots occasionally stomp about to change things up a little and the awkward difficulty spikes have been ironed out.

It's an improvement over the last Dynasty Warriors Gundam but while it nudges the series into fans-will-be-pleased territory, it's still a good few postcodes short of that hallowed haters-will-be-converted land. It's the same old story - if you like all things Warriors, buy this with confidence. If you don't, then don't. Easy.

The verdict

Better but still not brilliant.

Xbox 360
Action, Beat 'em Up, Shoot 'em Up