The 10 Most Grindcore Achievements

Are you tough enough for these ten achievements?

Grindcore is a term we use to describe a game that requires little skill, but a monstrous amount of time to complete.

These are the titles where you have to spend day after day repeating the same basic tasks or levelling up.

So we're listing the achievements that take the longest to get for the most miserly rewards. Depending on your outlook, they're either the perfect way to ruin your life or a beautiful way to sink lots of time. Unless you're playing Rumble Roses. Then it's definitely a waste of time.

10) Earth Defence Force 2017
All Stages Cleared Inferno (300G)

How long does it take? 110 Hours
Points Per Hour: 2.72

This ridiculous tale of man versus giant ants from space is actually pretty fun. Unfortunately, completing most of the levels on Inferno difficulty is literally impossible until you've spent at least 70 hours farming certain levels for armour upgrades. We wouldn't even attempt the giant spider invasions until you have gathered up around 8,000 power-ups. There's just no point!

9) LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga
100% Complete (100G)

How long does it take? 50 Hours+
Points Per Hour: 2G

LEGO Star Wars is obviously a kids' game, so getting all the achievements should be easy right? Sadly not. Completing the entire game requires you to find 160 Gold Bricks, 360 Minikits, 36 Red Bricks, plus complete 20 bounty hunter missions and every story level at least three times. It becomes extremely repetitive, very quickly.

8) Bullet Witch
Complete Hell Mode (1G)

How long does it take? 8 Hours
Points Per Hour: 0.1G

If you thought Bullet Witch's extreme mode was for wimps, then Hell mode could be the answer. Be warned though, you'll only earn a measly 1G for completing the entire game on this super-tough difficulty. It's the kind of thing you'll have to do for the kudos, not that there's much to be earned playing one of the worst shooters to disgrace the Xbox 360. At least it only takes around 8 hours.

7) Kingdom Under Fire: The Circle of Doom
Curse of the Developer (200G)

How long does it take? 200 Hours
Points Per Hour: 1

We like the achievement title 'Curse of the Developer' because it suggests that Blue Side has a cruel sense of humour. Levelling up just a single character in KUF is painfully boring, let alone all six of them. The process can be speeded up considerably if someone on Xbox Live will trade you the ultimate weapons. It'll also help if they aid you in playing the Chaos difficulty setting, where you earn more EXP.

6) Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War
Book of Engineers (50G)

How long does it take? 70 Hours
Points Per Hour: 0.71G

Koei's medieval strategy game is particularly cruel because the scenarios you need to complete to earn the final two achievements appear almost completely randomly. Once you've levelled up all the core units to level 100, there's a chance the Book of Engineers mission will appear. Then again it might not. We've heard from gamers who have been grinding away for over 250 hours without the mission appearing.

5) Warriors Orochi 2
All Difficulties Cleared (100G)

How long does it take: 300 Hours +
Points Per Hour: 0.3G

What is it with Koei and horrible achievements? Warriors Orochi 2's hardest achievement requires an almost inhuman level of patience to unlock. As if completing all sixty stages five times each wasn't bad enough, you also have to slog through 2,200 scenarios, level up nearly 70 characters to level 99 and earn over 2,300 proficiencies. Basically, you have to be slightly mad to even attempt it.

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