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Realistic Driving Games...

How do you become good at racing games?

OXM Mighty Seven is good at racing games. Really good. The kind of good where you race against him, see him once at the start and then only ever see him again when he's lapping you.

I've always been terrible at racing games. I've tried over the years with Gran Turismo, TOCA, various Formula One games, PGR and Forza but have failed. And I'm trying again with Race Pro. And failing. Again.

Those of you who are good at racing games, did you find you were just naturally good at them? Did it take practice? When you race through a new course for the first time, are you pretty good right there and then or do you have to learn the exact layout of the track? How easy or hard do you think it is to play Race Pro, compared to the likes of PGR and Forza 2?