Geometry Wars 3 announced for Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Pull shapes all over again

Activison - under the recently reborn Sierra Games label - has unveiled a new Geometry Wars title at Gamescom, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. Created by veterans of the originally Xbox Live Arcade-exclusive franchise at Lucid Games, Dimensions will release on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and introduces 3D wraparound maps plus new co-operative and competitive multiplayer features.

We haven't got any screenshots yet, but we'd hazard a guess it'll look like this again, you know

You can expect a campaign mode with 50 levels, 10 modes including a few familiar specimens such as a timed Deadline mode and a new take on Infinity mode, and a range of drone ships that can be upgraded using stars earned from play.

While shooting and movement still take place on a 2D plane, maps are now wrapped around giant simple shapes, with enemies on the other side blocked from view. During a presentation, I was shown a map that took the form of a barrel, and a map shaped like a colossal peanut. Some maps feature pop-up terrain hazards such as mobile red barricades. There are also special boss levels where you'll have to contend with both regular ships and an elite critter that must be gradually worn down.

Drones include ships that ram foes, collect points dropped by slain enemies or block their shots. You can deploy new super weapons by squeezing the trigger, in addition to the returning smart bombs. Lucid's hope is that the ability to level up drones individually will encourage players to replay, trying out different combinations of player and drone.

More as we get it.