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Free Shaun White content goes live today

The Freebie Pack includes new clothes for guys and girls. Cool?

Ubisoft has dropped some free Shaun White Snowboarding content on Marketplace today, in response to criticism of its previous paid-for content.

It's not the first time Ubisoft has responded to stinging criticism of its DLC prices with free content, as it did the same with Rainbow Six Vegas 2, even going so far as to refund those who shelled out for content that was made free later on.

This freebie pack isn't as substantial as anything Rainbow Six Vegas 2 offered though, so we'll leave it up to the Xbox bods to describe what's in it for Shaun White owners: "Here's an opportunity to grab some great new gear for guys and girls FOR FREE. With this pack you can dress up your character, and flex your style riding one of the boards from our contest winners. Who said nothing in life is free?"

So there you go. Grab the pack FOR FREE from Marketplace now.