"There's no noticeable change in graphics" between Alien Isolation Xbox One and PS4

It's all about those ancillary features

Be of good heart, pixel-counters. When you are having your head bitten off by a slimy, eyeless space-dinosaur this October, you will not be taken "out of the moment" by the sight of a texture that differs conspicuously from a texture you may have glimpsed in your best friend's version of the same experience. Creative Assembly's Gary Napper has assured OXM that Alien: Isolation looks pretty much the same on all platforms. Well, on PS4 and Xbox One at least.

The game will run at 1080p on both consoles. "That's actually not something I get that into, because we build it on one central engine and then kick it out to different versions," Napper told me, when I asked for specifics. "So when I think about working on the game it's almost platform agnostic because I only think about the differences between platforms and the different mechanics we can use like the light on the PS4 pad and the stuff with Kinect 2.0."

"So I think with frame rate it's pretty comparable. There's no noticeable drop or change in graphics between them. Obviously there are a lot more options to tweak and scale up on the PC." Presumably, the game will look noticeably inferior on Xbox 360 and PS3 - Napper didn't state as much outright, but this sort of goes without saying when you've got a fraction of the RAM to work with.

The developer has yet to reveal exactly what Isolation's Kinect features are. One possibility presents itself, off the top of my head: the Alien can hear you breathing through the sensor's microphone. Ergh.

Here's more from Napper about Alien: Isolation's intricate AI. And here's what happens when you try to flank an Alien.

Update - A Tweet from the game's official account suggests that Kinect features for Alien: Isolation aren't guaranteed. Perhaps Napper was speaking in hypothetical terms, or perhaps he was referring to Kinect's system-wide features.