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Enemy Front Xbox 360

Once more unto the breach... (Because it glitched last time.)

War is hell. In war, everything you think you knew about life is turned on its head and you have to re-learn the rules all over again. In war, weapons don't work like you'd expect them to. With a pistol, you can pick off an enemy with a single shot fairly accurately from the distance of a football pitch, whereas at point-blank range with a machine gun there's a fair chance you'll miss or only wound them.

In war, environments can appear much uglier than they do in real life. Textures can become blurry messes, enemies can glitch through scenery and floors, and bizarre shadows pulse on walls like odd black strobe lights.


In war, a 'stealth kill' means pinning someone to the floor and slowly stabbing them in the back of the neck multiple times while his screams attract the attention of everyone else in your vicinity, allowing them to slowly line up their shots as you keep obliviously stabbing.

In war, you're encouraged to pick up your fallen Nazi enemies and use them as human shields. However, roughly 30 seconds later, they unexpectedly disappear in your arms, leaving you wide open.

In war, you're encouraged to pick up a sniper rifle right before you enter a small enclosed area where a sniper rifle is the worst possible thing you could have. When you inevitably die and try again, you're still armed with the sniper rifle and your old close-quarters gun has disappeared.

In war, the best way for you to survive is to run into a room, focus your weapon on the open door and wait for your enemies to run into the room, turn the wrong way, and then run on the spot into the wall for a few seconds, giving you plenty of time to pick them off before they realise what the hell they're doing.

In war, you can breach a door, shoot an enemy six times in the face and he won't flinch, before going on to kill you shortly afterwards. Try again, graze his ear and he'll die instantly.

In war, your enemy, engaging in a shootout with you, can watch you duck down behind a wall and completely forget where you are within seconds.

In war, there are only three online modes - Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Radio Transmission. We'd love to say how good they are but we only ever saw one other person online - post-launch, mind - and the game wouldn't start until there was a total of eight players in a room. Expect literally hours of waiting.

Yes, friend, war is hell. And I sincerely hope it's something that you'll never have to experience in your lifetime.

By Chris Scullion

The verdict

A completely unremarkable WWII shooter with more bugs than Pixar's second feature film. There's nothing offensive about it, it's just subpar in every possible way, from AI to controls to visuals to voice acting. Feels like a launch window 360 game.

Xbox 360
First Person Shooter