Titanfall creators working on a new series

Ex-Sony God of War dev possibly involved

Titanfall creators Respawn are recruiting for a new project, and it isn't simply Titanfall 2 - unless Titanfall 2 is a third-person action game - nor is it limiting itself to pumping out brand new maps.

Instead, two job descriptions on their website hint that they're working on a third-person action game. Respawn are looking for a Senior Animator and a Senior Character Artist, both with experience working on "3rd person action/exploration games". As VG247 points out, God of War developer Stig Asmussen jumped from Sony Santa Monica to Respawn a few months ago.

God of War is, of course, one of Sony's first party games from Sony Santa Monica, and stars a very angry bald man who loves to kick open chests and smash ancient pottery in his quests for red orbs in a third-person perspective.

When we spoke to lead artist Joel Emslie a few months ago and raised the idea of a Titanfall 2, he said he "didn't want to jinx it, man". This was a short while before the game was to be released, and well before the new Expedition map packs were released.

For now though, if you're looking for more Titanfall, you're going to have to satiate your desire with the map packs, and also some brand new modes, one of which we got our hands all over at E3 2014.