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Platinum rebooting Kameo for Xbox One is an "interesting idea", says Spencer

Kamiya is "kind of busy on Scalebound" right now, though

Is there anything in life that can't be solved by pointing Platinum Games at it? Probably lots of things - neither Revengeance nor Anarchy Reigns qualify as all-time classics, and the Osaka-based developer has yet to produce a seriously big seller on Xbox. Still, I'll admit to being tantalised by the thought of a Kameo reboot with Hideki Kamiya at the helm.

Microsoft's Head of Xbox Phil Spencer is struck by the idea, too.

He's pretty stoked about working with Platinum in general.

Created by Rare, Kameo: Elements of Power was an action-platformer for Xbox 360 in which an elf shape-shifter battles an Orc-style army. Images of a canned sequel emerged online in 2011. It's one of 11 Microsoft-owned IPs we think deserves a second shot.

New to Scalebound? Based on the E3 trailer, below, it's an action game with co-op in which warrior-mages do battle with/while riding massive, colour-coded dragons. Think Panzer Dragoon meets Titanfall. Works for us.

The game is one of our most-anticipated Xbox One exclusives.

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