The first Far Cry 4 open world gameplay video - yes, you can "weaponise" elephants

Alternatively, ride shotgun in a gyrocopter

Far Cry 4 is a game of great scale and splendour in which you can upset, attack and be killed by elephants and eagles. Sadly, not much of that is shown in the new gameplay trailer, released overnight, though there is a gyrocopter section. Hooray for miniature helicopters! But do get a move on with those elephant levels, Ubisoft. My desktop craves a new wallpaper.

The demo reveals a stronger emphasis on verticality, as you'd expect for a game set in mountainous regions. New gear includes a grappling hook, and an elbow crossbow which is most effective when enemies aren't aware of your presence. Pleasingly, there's now drop-in co-op support - story missions are turned off while playing with a friend, which means you can fool around with the optional bits (such as enemy outposts and towers) without disrupting the narrative.

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