Sunset Overdrive's Xbox One exclusivity "wasn't about money", insists Insomniac

Microsoft "is funding the game and believes in the idea"

Sunset Overdrive has made something of an impression across the Wall, it seems. Insomniac has taken to Twitter to address upset over the game's Xbox One exclusivity, explaining that Microsoft was the right choice as backer because it was happy for the developer to retain control of the IP.

This follows comments on the subject from Insomniac CEO Ted Price last summer, in which he admitted to being "initially hesitant to shift back into an exclusive arrangement" after so many years of Ratchet and Resistance sequels for Sony. That changed, however, when Microsoft offered to fund the game without demanding the keys to the franchise.

Speaking to IGN, co-creator Marcus Smith has revealed that the game was "pitched it a few different places" prior to the Microsoft deal."It was really important to [Insomniac CEO] Ted [Price] that we own the IP, so some of the conversations broke down over that," he said. "With Microsoft, they just came in very energetic and excited to work with Insomniac, period. And we'd heard some really good things about them and some resources that they would be allowing us to have."

Community developer James Stevenson echoes all this on NeoGAF. "We had to partner with the right group that believed in us and the vision of the game, wanted to see that vision came to life, and was OK with us retaining the rights to our creation. In all of those regards, Microsoft has been a terrific partner in making Sunset Overdrive [a] reality."

Check out gameplay footage below, and don't forget our round-up of things to do in Sunset Overdrive.

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