State of Decay: Lifeline partial achievements list revealed

New weapons shown, new details emerge

On its official forums, Undead Labs has posted up a second Q&A session on Lifeline, the upcoming DLC for State of Decay, last year's big indie success story. Included in the answers is a partial list of new achievements the DLC will bring.

Check them out below.

Wired for War: Kill 100 zombies with Drone Strikes.

Rucks in Trucks: Deliver 6 rucksacks to your base in the back of a single vehicle.

Under Siege: Survive 10 sieges on your base in a single playthrough.

Maverick: Survive 2 minutes within a Danger Zone.

Flugtag: Send an energy drink flying.

Freak Hunt: Complete all Sasquatch hunting missions.

There will also be two more story-based achievements that Undead hasn't shared for fear of spoilers. It did, however, dish out a couple more details on what the DLC will and won't include. There will be no new zombie types, for example, but there are new weapons, and community manager Sanya was kind enough to post a couple of images of them.

There won't be any new base locations, as, according to Undead Lab's Geoffrey, "with the way we wanted to set up these large-scale defensive battles against the zombie horde, we really needed to focus on a single, specific base layout, rather than creating several different bases, each adding its own new layer of variables and complexity.

"The map is very focused on supporting Black Friday as the center of your operations, and on making the zombie invasions as fun and interesting as possible from that position."

You'll also be able to venture into the 'Red Zone,' but Undead admits that you won't get very far. Oh, and in case you were hoping to pilot a chopper out of there, you're all out of luck.

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