Sunset Overdrive's campaign is single player only

"Unique things" promised for multiplayer

Worried that Insomniac's forthcoming open world Sunset Overdrive will be one of those persistent multiplayer dealios? That other players will continually intrude on your fun? Cease that worrying, right this very minute - according to Insomniac's Twitter, the game's campaign mode is single player only.

The Tweets in question are below. The developer has described Sunset Overdrive as a "classic Insomniac game" in that it has oodles and oodles of weapons. You can expect much more on the subject next week, when the first proper preview embargo elapses. Who knows, perhaps we'll have something to share?

There's also a little more about multiplayer. Just a little. Well, two words in fact: "unique things". And on that bombshell...

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