Sunset Overdrive is a "classic Insomniac game" - expect "lots of weapons"

Closer to the Ratchet and Clank series than Fuse, then?

As the wind whistles across the face of yet another Slow News Day - Slow, that is, if you're a resident of Xbox Land - allow me to bring you a few updates from Insomniac Games, developer of the Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive. It's not much, but it might keep you upright as we begin the long, slow march to 5pm.

There's a lot more about Sunset Overdrive in the next issue of Edge, out on 8th May. In the meantime, it may please you to hear that the game is "a classic Insomniac game in that there are lots of weapons". We know of three, from the trailer: a baseball bat, a shotgun that can be charged up ("overdriven", perhaps?) using zesty orange ammo, and a gun that fires LP discs. Classy.


The developer's Twitter account elaborates that there are "lots of rewards! plenty of weapons, power-ups, customizations, etc". There's a pinch of technical insight, too, for the pixel counters. "We are still optimizing and can't share a final resolution yet though."

The mention of Insomniac returning to its roots is likely to please those who detested last year's Fuse, a four-man cover shooter with character-specific special weapons for Xbox 360. I thought it was unfairly dismissed, myself, but then I think that about a lot of games, including Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour.

Sunset Overdrive also makes use of the Xbox One's cloud support. The game's persistent online world will be altered on the fly without obliging players to sign out - instances of this might include outbreaks of a certain enemy type and changes to the weather.

"Our intent is not to just to offer new weapons, but new gameplay features that change up the environment," the developer's CEO Ted Price told OXM last year. "We want players to talk about what happens in the game, get really engaged and connected, because they never know what's going to happen, but they have an influence."