Here's where Master Chief's voice actor thinks Halo 5 could take us

"He's holding Cortana's chip..."

Halo 5 is such a tightly-wrapped secret that even Steve Downes, voice of Master Chief, can't say for certain where the Reclaimer trilogy will take us next. He's got a few insights to share, however, based on his time as John-117 in Halo 4. Watch out - spoilers are incoming.

"By the time it got to Halo 4, he was struggling with his own mortality and he was certainly struggling with his own emotional mortality," Downes explained to OXM's Brian Shea in a recent interview. "As things happened in Halo 4, and Cortana began to unravel, that was the only real emotional connection that he had experienced in his adult life. Not to mention what they did in a working relationship.

"As he saw her begin to unwind and finally began to accept that there was going to be an end to her, I think it was extremely difficult for him to deal with. That was the challenge for me. You're not going to have a scene where Master Chief is going to become completely undone, fall to his knees, and start crying, but yet, there were emotions in him that he didn't really know how to deal with. When you're approaching that kind of a character, you have to figure out how to emote a character that is uncomfortable with emotion."

Close Close

As you may recall - last warning for spoilers! - Cortana sacrifices herself to help Master Chief beat the Promethean Didact at the end of Halo 4. It's rumoured that she'll return in the next game, however: in a trailer for "Halo on Xbox One", Master Chief confronts a vast Promethean mechanism, clutching what looks suspiciously like a piece of Cortana's circuitry. You can't keep a good AI down, etc.

"There's nothing I can divulge to you because, quite frankly, I don't know anything!" Downes admitted, when we pressed him for clues. "Anything I'm saying here is pure speculation, but I thought that trailer they did was very exciting. I think the popular theory is that maybe he's gone rogue, which would not be out of the question given what he went through.

"He's holding Cortana's chip, so it would seem as though there is some desire to reactivate that, but again, it's pure speculation on my part. There are so many different possibilities here. You've got to give the credit to the writers for fleshing out a story with that much depth."

As we reported earlier this week, a forthcoming issue of the Halo Escalation comic series may contain a number of Halo 5 plot details. Check out the reveal artwork, below. You can expect more news at E3 - Aoife has written at length about likely announcements.


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