We can't just "plop Xbox 360 features into the code base of Xbox One", says Microsoft

More Xbox One update news at E3 2014

Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has stuck up for Xbox One's operating system and interface, assuring Redditors that "we will continue to add more and more features to Xbox One - features you've seen on Xbox 360 and new ones that are only possible on Xbox One". Adding features from Xbox 360 isn't as straightforward as hitting "CTRL+C", however.

"You have to remember the Xbox 360 is a very mature platform that has been around for almost 10 years," he wrote. "In that time we added a TON of new features. Xbox One is a completely new architecture so we can't just take work that was done on Xbox 360 and plop [it] into the code base of Xbox One. Things don't work that way."

That was in response to a thread about a shortage of Xbox One game demos - Microsoft no longer insists that developers create Xbox Live trials, possibly because Xbox One games are several times larger than their Xbox 360 forebears, which makes downloading the entire file in order to play a locked-off segment a wee bit impractical.

"Development is a fine balance of time and resources," Hryb added later in the thread.

Microsoft has released two major Xbox One updates this year already, but is still thrashing out that balance with regard to certain hotly requested features, such as external hard drive support. Head of Xbox Phil Spencer will reveal more about forthcoming updates at E3 in June, as per this Tweet.

I had a blog-length think about case for game demos in March 2013. Where do you stand on the subject?