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Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut

Robots in the skies

It's a pretty big month for giant robot fans on Xbox One. After the expertly prepared main course of Titanfall, here we have a nourishing little dessert; a crème brûlée in a mech suit. Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut is a space combat game, the type you may have toyed around on PC in the 90s. In Strike Suit Zero, however, you can turn into a giant robot and lay an enormous titanium beatdown on anything stupid enough to enter your galaxy.

The setup is both simple and terribly boring; you're a sort of rogue space pilot who has lost his memory and his mind, and yet are suddenly charged with taking point on a series of increasingly-dangerous missions, and let loose with an unproven space ship that can turn into a robot at the press of a button.


Of course, none of that stuff matters. Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut is all about flashy dogfighting, tight turns, laser fire and searing planetary coronas. It ticks all the boxes; movement is smooth and responsive across the two sticks, and the missile/machine gun combo is classic.

Zone Of The Pretenders

We're all here for the main event, though, and Strike Suit Zero definitely delivers. You build up a 'flux' meter by doing damage in your ship, and when it's full (or as good as) you jab the A button to instantly transform into a robot. Now, you can dash in any direction (much like a Titan, in fact), lock on with multiple missiles, and deliver crushing damage to anything in sight.

This trade off between the underpowered but speedy ship and the powerhouse robot is consistently enjoyable. Frustratingly, though, the game doesn't really give you enough to do with it. Every one of its 13 missions (and 20 VR add-ons) involves little more than shooting anything and everything in sight. It may be an escort mission, it may have a time limit, but the argument is always the same: kill them before they kill you.

Still, Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut never purports to be anything other than a one trick metal pony. Anyone hungry for some interstellar giant robot savagery will leave satisfied, and sometimes that's all a man or woman needs in their life. That, and a crème brûlée. Yum.

The verdict

Conclusion: It may lack in variety, but the core conceit of Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut is both sound and consistently enjoyable. Swoop in with your ship, turn into a robot, destroy everything, get the hell out. It's not subtle, but it is good, wholesome, dumb fun.

  • Ship/Robot dynamics is excellent
  • Smooth movement and tight controls
  • Much improved over original PC version
  • Distinct lack of variety
  • Inconsistent visuals
  • Rubbish story mumbled at you
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