New Child of Light trailer features artwork from Yoshitaka Amano

Ubisoft teams up with Final Fantasy concept artist for a one-off collaboration

Here's a lovely light little news piece to round out the day. Ubisoft has just released a trailer featuring legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano - best known for his jaw-dropping work on the Final Fantasy series - to produce a one-off piece of concept art for Ubisoft Montreal's upcoming 2D RPG, Child of Light.

You can practically see the game's creative director Patrick Plourde struggling to control his inner fanboy as he poses for pictures with the artist, who Plourde freely admits was the inspiration for Child of Light's art design. Plourde tweeted this not long after the trailer went live:

Altogether now: d'awww. Incidentally, if you like the completed artwork, you might want to grab the deluxe edition of the game, which includes an A2 poster of Amano's final creation. I'm happy to admit, I'm mightily tempted. Check out the trailer in full below.

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