New Destiny details and screenshots - no AI pets, PvP inventory options

"The fates know what you need, and your fortunes will favour the brave."

A modest collection of Destiny images have surfaced care of Bungie's various social media feeds, alongside a brand new Community Mailsack - in which the Elect among Bungenthusiasts get to cram their anxious questions into developer forebrains.

Thanks to these intrepid and not-at-all obsessive souls, we now know that players won't be able to recruit AI helpers in Bungie's shared-world sci-fi shooter. "Why would you want to recruit a Non-Player Character, when the world of Destiny is populated with Guardians?" notes the Mailsack, imperiously. "Every hero from the last safe city on Earth will be driven by a living, thinking player with a racing pulse and an itchy trigger finger.

"You'll come across characters bound to the software, of course, but your allies will be the other players who join you on your adventures."

There's also a dusting of new info about item customisation. Apparently, some of the things you find on or within various dessicated planets/spaceships "will be raw materials that you need to upgrade your inventory" - this entails a visit to the Tower on Earth. "The best thing is that your rewards will be pre-destined," notes the Mailsack of the upgrade process. "The fates know what you need, and your fortunes will favour the brave." No randomised doodads, then.

Finally, Bungie has let slip that Guardians will be able to change their loadouts during competitive multiplayer, rather than having to make do with a starting loadout. "The plan of record is to enable you to carry an inventory with you, and allow you to make changes on the fly. The mysterious science that fills your pack with such wonderful toys is our secret for now. It's technology, indecipherable from magic."

Changing your gear may not be advisable under fire, of course. "If you want to get shot in the face, knock yourself out," the Mailsack acerbically observes.

Destiny's beta will take place in summer 2014 on Xbox 360, Xbox One and silly rival platforms we generally prefer not to name, because they're so awfully silly. The game will be "the best-selling new IP in history", according to proud parent Activision.