Metro: Last Light Complete Edition revealed by retailer

Get the game and all its DLC at a budget price

Oopsy daisy, Amazon France has let slip the existence of Metro: Last Light - Complete Edition for Xbox 360, as passed on by Lifelower. The new edition includes the downloadable Ranger Mode and all four DLC packs, comprising an additional "20 hours" of gameplay - all for a possibly provisional $19.99. Tickled?

The packs in question are the Faction Pack, Tower Pack, the Developer Pack and Pack Chronicles. Last Light is quite enough to be getting on with by itself, mind you - our reviewer Log handed 4A's horror-inflected stealth adventure a princely 8/10 last May. "It has the same mid-2000's flavour," he wrote, "and pulls it off once again by offering a varied set of locations and missions. It has no aspirations above being a linear FPS, and if you're OK with that, it's a treat."

As reported by CVG, PEGI has also rated the Complete Edition for European release. Seems fairly conclusive, then.


Deep Silver is bringing Metro to Xbox One, as we reported yesterday - the publisher was obliged to confirm this following a leak over the weekend. Time for a follow-up statement, perhaps?