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Rock Band 2 to get new instrument

Harmonix confirm mystery peripheral, say previous demos were inaccurate

Harmonix has announced that it wasn't being entirely honest with its Rock Band 2 previews, and that there's a mystery new accessory in the works for its new game.

The confirmation came in the review guide that accompanied OXM UK's copy, which contains a note about the extra connection on the back of the updated drum kit.

"The Rock Band 2 drum set has a second input on it (the bottom one with the orange ring) that is an expansion port," it reads. "It was stated in prior interviews/demos that this input was a jack for the second kick pedal, which is not the case."


It goes on to say that Harmonix "has not revealed the fucntionality for this input," and it will "be announced at a later date, along with further details for double-kick functionality. Stay tuned!"

So, what could it be? Will it just be some extra cymbals, or could this be a long-rumoured keyboard accessory? As the drum kit is the only Rock Band instrument not to be waved excitedly around mid-solo, it's the obvious candidate to sneak in an extra. Or is your house, like mine, already too full of plastic instruments? Let us know if you care in the comments.