Respawn talks Titanfall Xbox One updates - resolution and player count bump doubtful

Fiddling with the fundamentals "is a huge deal for a tightly designed game like this."

Respawn designer Drew McCoy has been discussing what will and won't be added to Titanfall via downloadable update in the weeks to come. Plans range from routine fixes to new features, most notably the release of a companion app for smartphones and tablets. The developer may also, as you know, raise the game's resolution on Xbox One, but McCoy says there are no guarantees for the moment.

To begin with the less exciting stuff, the developer is in the process of fine-tuning the game's match-making, with details to follow. Here are excerpts from the official Titanfall Twitter and McCoy's personal feed.

McCoy says we can expect fixes for in-game chat, too.

The companion app was originally planned for launch. It's not clear what sort of features you'll get, but I imagine it'll be stuff like preparing a match remotely, customising load-outs and setting up your phone to work as a mini-map.

Among the things you shouldn't expect from the first round of Titanfall updates are Pilots-only modes.

Respawn probably won't raise the game's headcount, either.

Kinect support? Definitely not happening.

And as for bumped-up resolution, don't place any bets.

Are you playing Titanfall right now? What would you add or change? I'd go for an extended single player mode with multiple endings, which is probably a job for that hypothetical sequel rather than updates or DLC.

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