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11 essential Titanfall Xbox One tips - Respawn's guide to being a stellar Pilot

Designers Justin Hendry and Fairfax McCandlish talk tricks and tactics

There are a fair few Titanfall Xbox One guides on the internet now, but how many were written with the aid of the game's creators? If you're having trouble with the new shooter, check out our round-up of Titanfall tips and tactics, which features insights from Respawn designers Fairfax McCandlish and Justin Hendry.

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1. Don't let the AI throw you

"When you come round a corner and open up on whoever's on the other side, you might not know whether it's a human or AI until after you've fired, because you don't want to give the other guy a chance," says McCandlish. It may be worth keeping those bullets in check if you're trying to infiltrate an enemy-controlled hardpoint - unsuppressed weapons fire appears on the mini-map, giving away your location. On the other hand, the more Grunts and Spectres you kill, the shorter the wait for a Titan. Weigh your options carefully.

If you're intent on shooting up the AI, equip a Minion Detector as a Pilot Kit to flag up all Grunts and Spectres on the radar. Consider equipping a cloaking device, too - it probably won't thwart a Pilot who's watching out for you, but it's extremely effective against both AI infantry and Auto-Titans.

2. Don't fear the clock

If you snuff it on the verge of Titanfall, don't quit in disgust. "The timer does not reset when you die, and if you die when the time has elapsed then you can just choose to spawn as a Titan," points out McCandlish. Dying may even be to your advantage, as you'll be able to call down your Titan away from the fight. Summoning a Titan ahead of everybody else isn't an infallible victory tactic, either - early bird Titans may fall victim to Pilot wolfpacks, either dying or taking so much battle damage that they're unable to fend off Titans that arrive later.

3. Don't attack a Titan head-on...

...Unless you're also driving a Titan. Fairly straightforward, right? "As the Titan, if you line up a rocket volley on a Pilot, well, that guy will be blown to smithereens," says McCandlish. Pilots may find it advisable to move above the Titan's eyeline and prepare an escape plan, before switching to an Anti-Titan weapon. You should also take care to put away your Anti-Titan weapon while Rodeoing an enemy Titan - the explosions will hurt both you and your mount.

When sizing up the odds, watch out for Titans armed with the Chaingun, Arc Cannon, Quad Rockets or 40mm Cannon, all of which splatter damage across a broad area (the Quad Rockets aren't quite as much bother, because they move slowly). The Railgun is extremely powerful, but concentrates that power into a small space, and the Triple Threat grenade launcher is short-ranged and unwieldy, though it's enormously effective when firing into buildings.

4. Work with your own Titans

A solitary Titan has a short life expectancy. If you spot a lonely-looking Atlas while trotting around on foot, consider lending it a hand. "The more enemy Pilots you take away from the Titan, the more he can focus on what he's doing, which is usually just destroying things," says Hendry. If it helps, Titans also make useful distractions - few players can resist the temptation to fire on them, exposing themselves in the process.

Once summoned, Titans can be set to follow you or defend an area by tapping the D-pad. If you've instructed yours to defend an objective while you assault an objective on the other side of the map, be wary when you decide to call it in - the poor thing may be drawn into a nasty punch-up on the way, and the Auto-Titan AI is no match for a human player.

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