Titanfall-branded Xbox One console is real after all

Unfortunately, we can't have one

Well what do you know. Remember those pictures of that pretty Titanfall-branded Xbox One console that surfaced a few weeks ago? We all thought it was a ruse following the reveal of the standard black Titanfall Xbox One bundle, but it turns out it's the real deal after all. The bad news? It's exclusive to Respawn staff.

Members of the Respawn dev team started tweeting pictures of their special shiny console last night, as you would. The console is identical to the official-looking images that cropped up online recently, but it appears that Microsoft has no plans to sell it at retail. Yet, at least.

It's a strange set of affairs, but as the matching Titanfall controller is available to Joe Public, I'd say there's a chance we may yet get our hands on this bad boy some day. Right now however, it joins the ranks of the elusive white Xbox One as a Pretty Things We Want But Can't Have. Boo. On the bright side though, Titanfall launches next week.

Thanks to The Verge for the heads up.

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