Titanfall Xbox One isn't 1080p - Respawn shoots down report

Producer brands 720p rumour "false" too

The Bloody Question of Titanfall's native display resolution continues to preoccupy large sections of the internet. Respawn has now flatly denied a rumour that the final game will run at a lower resolution than the beta, which displays at 792p. The developer has yet to comment, however, on a rumour that the final resolution is in fact a scintillating 1080p.

Update 2: It's all over, ladies and gents. Respawn's Vince Zampella has shot down the 1080p report on Twitter. Thanks for the heads-up, BenMorrow1.

As you were.

Update: Respawn producer Drew McCoy isn't impressed by the 720p claim - or by a related claim that the final game will display the same textures as the closed alpha trial. "I don't know how many times it can be stated clearly and officially - both of those claims are false, have been false, and will continue to be false," he wrote on NeoGAF earlier this week.

I haven't had any joy getting through to Respawn about the 1080p rumour, but will keep you posted.

Original story:

If community manager Abbie Heppe is to be believed, Respawn has laboured to raise the resolution since the beta wound down on 19th February. At the time, Heppe suggested that 900p or thereabouts would be the magic figure.


According to one report, based on the testimony of a self-styled insider, the resolution will actually fall to 720p. This seems deeply unlikely, however, given that the game appeared to run perfectly well at the beta's resolution. "We're not dropping the resolution for launch," Heppe insisted, when contacted for comment. "Nothing has changed from what we've said in recent interviews."

According to another source, the coveted 1080p has been achieved. The latter story has been corroborated by a validated "Epic Games Dev" account on Reddit, which has now been deleted. "I can tell you Titanfall has gone gold and the final resolution is most def above 720p," reads the comment in question. "That's all I can say."

Respawn won't budge on the subject right now, but I'll keep chasing. Just two more weeks or so till we know for sure.

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