Xbox One TV judder fix coming "in a matter of weeks", says Microsoft

Patch for set-top box problem coming in upcoming update, no BBC iPlayer news yet

Microsoft's Xbox Marketing Director, Harvey Eagle, has said that that Xbox One's problem of a juddering image when watching TV from Sky, Virgin and Freeview boxes will "get adjusted in the very near future, in a matter of weeks".

"I can't be precise with you today on a date, unfortunately," he told OXM in an interview discussing today's cheap Xbox One news. "I can tell you it'll be spring and therefore in just a matter of weeks we'll have that matter fixed. And it is an important one to fix."


The juddering TV integration problem is caused by Xbox One being built for the 60Hz broadcast standard common in the US, rather than the 50Hz used in PAL territories, which includes the UK. It means that anybody who's used the HDMI-in to connect their Sky, Virgin Media or Freeview set-top box to Xbox One and use features like Snap and Kinect has to deal with inelegantly inserted extra frames, which causes the screen to judder. It's particularly noticeable in fast-moving broadcasts like football. You can fix it by resetting the display settings (as documented in our Xbox One tips guide) but that means that games won't display in 60Hz, which isn't much of an improvement.

It sounds like the juddering TV problem will be fixed in the next Xbox One update arriving in March, which will also include fixes for multiplayer matchmaking, party chat, and other issues that have been documented by users since the console launched in November. If you want to get it early and check, you can sign up for a chance to get into the test program.

In less welcome news, Eagle couldn't give an update on when we'll see BBC iPlayer on Xbox One. "I don't have any announcements on that today except to say we're working hard to bring partners like the BBC to our platform," he told us. We'll make do with 4oD and YouTube in the meantime. Anybody holding out for the update? Should we queue up the Bonnie Tyler?