Xbox One price cut "not planned" for territories outside the UK

Current reduction only for the soggy subjects of Her Majesty

The Xbox One price cut just announced by Microsoft will only apply to the UK at present, Microsoft has confirmed, with no imminent updates planned for the US or beyond.

"My responsibility is only for the UK so I can only talk about our territory," said Xbox UK Marketing Director Harvey Eagle. "This is about offering the best value to UK gamers, and as a result we're announcing this new price point of £399. There's no announcements in other countries planned, so it's a UK-only adjustment and we feel this is the right thing to do in our market."

The news came alongside the debut of an Xbox One Titanfall bundle, a decision that Eagle said was deliberate. "The timing of this is very much around Titanfall," he said, pointing to the buzz around the game following the recent beta.

"It's about value rather than price," he told us. "People buy a console to play the best games, the best games coming this year include Titanfall, and Destiny, and Watch Digs, and if you want to play all three of those you're going to need an Xbox One. And as we said in the announcement today from the 14th March customers are also going to get a copy of TItanfall included when they get an Xbox One, we think that's really good value."

You can get your cheap(er) Xbox One from this Friday 28th, or possibly sooner from some retailers. The Titanfall bundle will arrive when the game does on March 14th. You can find more details about that on