GAME hands out Titanfall Xbox One beta keys to selected Reward Card holders

Update: Pre-orders don't get a code after all

Are you all lovelorn and heartsick for want of a Titanfall Xbox One beta key? Well, UK retailer GAME appears to be giving them away with Xbox One pre-orders.

Update 2 - It turns out this offer is just for selected Game Reward Card holders - pre-ordering the game doesn't unlock anything by itself. Sorry everybody. We were misinformed!

Update 1 - A customer service representative has just informed me that the offer is, indeed, real, and that people who've already pre-ordered Titanfall stand to receive a beta code. Quantities are limited, however.

Original story continues:

The retailer has yet to formally announce such a scheme, but VideoGamesUncovered has a screengrab to share. It's not clear whether keys are also being given away with PC preorders.


I'll make a few phone calls in hopes of more details. In the meantime, you can watch us livestream the Titanfall Xbox One beta at 1pm UK time today - watch out for Aoife's blog on the subject soon.

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