Where's the Xbox One update? It's "too risky" to give dates, says Microsoft

"As soon as I get more information from my engineering team, I'll share," says Major Nelson

It is now three days post-Xbox One Update Emergence Day, and we still have no Xbox One update. No new dashboard. No improved Kinect features. No USB keyboard support. No controller battery indicator. Boo! Posting on Reddit, Microsoft PR supremo Major "Larry Hryb" Nelson has promised that "as soon as I get more information from my engineering team, I'll share".

"I don't have all the details," Hryb cautioned readers. "Things are moving quickly and all the teams are working extra hard. I don't really like giving dates either. Too risky."

This month's Xbox One update will also introduce the ability to manage storage - a much-demanded feature - tweaked controller sensitivity and separate Games and Apps lists.


There's another Xbox One update on the way in March. It will add a Recent Players option, polish up the Xbox Live party app and streamline multiplayer performance. The idea is to get everything shipshape and watertight in time for the release of Titanfall.

Both updates are just the beginning, Hryb continued. "We've got a lot of great stuff in store for Xbox One. It took years for the Xbox 360 to become a mature, feature laden platform. We've got the same long game planned for the Xbox One."

Among other things, he said, Blu-ray 3D support will be added in a forthcoming update. "It is on the list. No timing yet."

A new dashboard would make a fine Valentine's Day present, Major. Why say it with roses, when you can say it with functionality?

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