Video: Lightning Returns - how did Square Enix get it this wrong?

Log and Aoife play and aren't terribly impressed by the new Final Fantasy

This time yesterday, Lightning Returns seemed poised for a collective reviewer kicking - a hearty outpouring of apathy and contempt, stoked by such PR masterstrokes as that contrived Tomb Raider DLC costume and breathless talk of boob physics. The game has actually gotten off quite lightly - our own review comments that "it's notably flawed but has its moments", and the Metacritic average sits at a shabby but not irredeemable 67.

Aoife and Log remain unconvinced, however. In the below 18-odd minute video, they play through and chat about Lightning Returns, Lightning herself, some of the game's more odious returning characters and where Square Enix might take things from here. If you've already decided you're fond of the game, you might want to steer clear. Punches aren't pulled.

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Might a change of developer improve matters? Square Enix appears to have considered it - Lightning Returns director Motomu Toriyama and gameplay director Yuji Abe think Eidos Montreal could do "very interesting" things with the license.

Aoife's already penned a little blog about Lightning, which begins: "every time I see a screenshot of Lightning dressed as Cloud, I want to do a shot of my own tears." So what are you trying to say here, Aoife?