New ID@Xbox game revealed: Roundabout coming to Xbox One this year

You spin me right round

Finally, a game that actually mirrors the way I drive in real-life. Introducing Roundabout, a bizarre Xbox One title due to launch some time this year.

Roundabout invites you to take a trip with Georgio Manos, the world's only "revolving chauffeur," as he tears up the streets of open-world city of Roundabout in 1977. You'll attempt to control a whirling stretch limousine as it careens through the city streets, murdering and causing massive damage to property as it goes. Take a peek at the charmingly anachronistic trailer below.

Close Close

I guess it's a bit like Crazy Taxi, in that you'll be tasked with transporting unfortunate souls from one destination to another, but the game is afforded an extra layer of complexity through the various "maze-like" obstacles you'll need to navigate as the car spins out of control.

Roundabout is the latest title confirmed to be a part of Microsoft's ID@Xbox program, following the announcement of two games - Worms Battleground and Nutjitsu - yesterday. Roundabout is being developed by No Goblin, a small indie studio helmed by ex-Harmonix/Twisted Pixel dev Dan Teasdale.

What do you make of it? Personally, I think you've got to admire a game where one of the objectives is to "Deliver kittens to orphans."