New ID@Xbox games revealed for Xbox One

Nutjitsu and new Worms game confirmed for Microsoft's console

Microsoft Studios boss has outed two of the first games planned for self-publication on Xbox One under the ID@Xbox program. They are: Worms Battleground, a new instalment in the legendary 2D strategy-action franchise, and Nutjitsu, a lush-looking Pac-Man meets Mini Ninjas game from Ninjabee, creator of the Kefling series for Xbox Live Arcade.

Nutjitsu is already available on the Windows Phone store, which offers the following breakdown of its features.

"Enter the squirrel! Defy the kitsune samurai who have stolen your clan's sacred acorns. Sneak through beautifully hand-painted landscapes, avoid capture by the guards, and snatch victory (and acorns) from your enemies.

"Steal back precious acorns across unique levels as you dodge an ever-increasing number of villainous foxes. The vigilant foxes can track your silent steps by scent. Keep ahead of them or disappear in a cloud of smoke. Grab as many mystical treasures as you can before disappearing into the night. Master the way of Nutjitsu!"

How very perky of you, Ninjabee.

Not much is known about Worms: Battlegrounds right now, but the choice of a subtitle suggests that it's a spin-off - a spin-off that might take the franchise in an unusual direction. Colour that pure speculation for the moment, though. Developed by Team 17, the game's out this year for Xbox One and PS4.


The first ID@Xbox games will release in March 2014, according to the program's director Chris Charla. The list of ID@Xbox applicants apparently extends into the "thousands".

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