Rumour: Project Spark Xbox One beta due next week?

Tweet from Microsoft's Phil Spencer indicates beta launch imminent

Creative types: brace yourselves - we already knew that the Xbox One beta for Team Dakota's impressive game creation suite Project Spark was due for launch sometime this month, but it seems it may be even closer than we think if a tweet from Microsoft's Phil Spencer is anything to go by.

Responding to eager fan questions on Twitter last night, Phil said that the last he'd heard, the beta was due to start on Xbox One as early as next week to which the official Project Spark account chose to defer to EP Michael Saxs Persson with a "whistling innocently" hashtag. We're onto you, Project Spark:

Responding, Persson wouldn't give specifics, but did confirm that aside from a few bugs to squish before the suite goes to certification testing, the beta is very, very close.

Fingers crossed then we could be seeing even more incredible creations like this one of Minecraft in Project Spark, or this recreation of Fable's Oakvale for the Xbox One beta very soon.


I dare say this means you'd better get yourself signed up sharpish if you haven't already. Don't forget, Project Spark will be free to play, even if you don't have a Gold subscription.

Got any grand project ideas to share?