More Titanfall Xbox One beta details coming "early next week"

Update: Respawn confirms access to beta is limited but "not very limited"

You can expect more news on the Titanfall beta front next week, Respawn has declared via Twitter. How will you access it? Well, you don't need to pre-order, nor will you need to be a member of EA's Origin digital platform, but you will need to own an Xbox One or PC - there's no Xbox 360 beta. Beyond that, we're in the dark.

The beta will be available globally, with no region locks. Here's the Tweet in question:

Update - Here's another bit of intel, from Respawn's community manager Abbie Heppe. It seems that access is limited, but it isn't "very" limited.

Original story continues - Hopefully, jumping aboard will be as simple as clicking an Xbox dashboard entry. Once you're in, be sure to avail yourself of the wisdom contained in our Titanfall Xbox One beta tips and tactics feature. Here's a suggestion to start you off: don't play footsie with Titans unless you are, in fact, a Titan.

Titanfall hits Xbox One and PC on 11th March in North America, 13th March in Australia and Europe. The Xbox 360 version will now launch on 25th March, so current gen developer Bluepoint Games has time to "put the finishing touches".