Assassin's Creed, Splinter Cell studios have unannounced games to share

Xbox One project confirmed, hints amass

Ubisoft's Montreal and Toronto studios have new games on the way, as communicated unto the discerning enthusiast public via LinkedIn portfolios.

Montreal's lead game designer Simon Larouche, for instance, has a project in the chamber for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Unannounced games also appear on the LinkedIn pages of his colleagues Jérôme Lasserre (AI team lead) and Stephanie Seaut (lead level artist) - Seaut's game is an "AAA" game, not that this tells you anything.


What could they be referring to? The strongest possibility is, of course, a new Assassin's Creed. The next game in Ubisoft's history-spanning series is mostly a mystery right now - series writer Darby McDevitt has warned against taking certain Assassin's Creed 5 plot "teasers" too seriously. Black Flag's lead game designer Jean-Sebastien Decant has suggested, however, that the next game might feature open world multiplayer, akin to that of the forthcoming Watch Dogs.

There's also Rainbow Six: Patriots to consider. Announced way back in 2011, the project hit a bit of a wall during the console generation transition, and has been rebooted. Larouche mentions Patriots separately on his LinkedIn portfolio, though, so whatever Secret Thing he's working on, the Rainbow Six don't feature.

Close Close

Ubisoft Toronto's Chris Smart also has secrets to share. The game in question is presumably a new Splinter Cell, hinted at by Splinter Cell: Blacklist art director Scott Lee last year.

"For next-gen there are a lot of plans in the works, obviously we can't talk about that at the moment but I definitely look forward to seeing Sam in new adventures, bigger and better as we go along," he said at the time. According to animation director Kristjan Zadziuk, the franchise is "still evolving" - it's anyone's guess where the next game might take us, though I'll wager that chokeholds will have a part to play.

Any thoughts, brethren? I want to hear more from Ubisoft Montpellier - they're working on Beyond Good and Evil 2, in theory. Come to think of it, this Gamestop listing may be worth a ponder.