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NXE: Five Things You Must Try

Got NXE? Time to start playing around with it then...

So you've downloaded the update, you've made your avatar and you're basking in the glow of the dashboard update and all the fun it entails.

You're probably already used to the brand new menus, having had plenty of time since the update to root around and get used to the Xbox 360's new clothes.

So what next for the curious Xbox 360 owner who wants to poke around and see what else is possible with the update? We list five things you need to try that you might have missed in your post-avatar haste...

1. Party Up


You can party up with your friends on the dashboard, allowing for group conversations and picture sharing (don't forget to download the Photo Party add-on from Xbox Live Marketplace if that's what you're after).

More importantly, it'll make life much easier when playing multiplayer games, as you'll have your party with you whatever you're doing. With the party allowing for seven people, it'll be nice to finally get a group conversation going...

2. See What Friends Look Like


The avatar creation is limited right now, akin to the Xbox 360's launch when few gamerpics were available and you got a feeling of deja vu - we've already seen the white suit one too many times.

Even so, it's fun seeing what people are doing with the tools available to them just by scrolling through your Friends List, and it'll be even more interesting once more character creation options hit.

3. Delete 0 Gamerpoint Games


For those of you who have rented or borrowed a game, played it and instantly hated it, the 0 gamerpoints lurked on your gamercard like a bad stain. Even if you dated to play an Xbox Live demo in the past, it was still there, taunting you.

Not anymore. You now have the option of wiping games off your gamercard if haven't earned any gamerpoints for it - you can even wipe the game off your card if you've unlocked zero-gamerpoint achievements (goodbye Quake II!). Bad luck if you have got a single achievement though, as you'll still be stuck...

4. Get Nostaglic


If you're finding it hard bouncing around the brand new menus, you can press the guide button to bring up the 'old dashboard'.

It's not literally the old dashboard of course, more an approximation of what you used to know and love. Yet because it's a faster way of scrolling through your friends list, sending invites and sending messages, it's an old friend you'll soon become reacquainted with.

5. Install Game


Finally, you can install a game to the hard drive and cut down on the loading times. More importantly, running a game off your hard drive means your 360 doesn't sound like it's about to take off.

Your hard drive won't be big enough to allow you to install all your games, unless you've only bought one game to date. Install it anyway. Give it a try. See what the magic of a silent 360 can do for your gaming experience...