Respawn shares new Titanfall Xbox One beta details

No region locking, no cross-platform play, other stuff

Like a dog trying to eat a bowl of cereal, Respawn has been spitting out Titanfall and Xbox One-flavoured newsbytes left, right and centre. Here's a round-up of recent Twitter happenings, exhilaratingly couched as a micro list feature because I lack the patience to write a proper article.

If you're planning to participate in the beta, which should be upon us very shortly, you might be interested in OXM's recent round-up of Titanfall Xbox One beta tips and tactics.

Xbox One beta codes aren't region locked!

The beta date is still being finalised! (It's rumoured to begin on 14th February.)

Respawn has anxieties about launch! They're only human, you guys!

Preordering players don't get beta access early!

Titanfall works well in Australia!

Origins membership isn't required for the Xbox One beta!

There won't just be standard FPS modes! How about something with monkeys, Respawn?!

No splitscreen! Eek!

No crossplatform multiplayer! Boo!

For more on how Titanfall handles, read our latest preview. The game's out in early March.