NXE: When Old Themes Go Bad

Picture proof of why old themes won't work on the new dashboard

The new dashboard is here and so far, to paraphrase a certain popular McAdvert, we're loving it.

The faster response times when zipping through the menus, the injected sense of personality, the vibrant feel of the dashboard... it's all pretty good fun right now.

But one thing that we were worried about, which has sadly come true, is how old themes have been butchered by the new dashboard.

Most of the old themes were loosely tailored around the set-up of the old dashboard, meaning you'd have a big picture off-set to the right to stay out of the way of the menu options. Now everything has been completely rearranged, the new menus obscure the old themes. Ironically, it's the ones that were never that well designed in the first place that now look the best.

We've taken some screenshots of the older themes in the new dashboard so you can see what they look like. It's hard even recognising some of them, they're so obscured...