Xbox One and PS4 haven't eaten into GTA 5 sales

No "fall off" in sales of old gen catalog to report, apparently

If you're holding out hope for GTA 5 on Xbox One, you'll probably be holding out for a while. The game's commercial performance on Xbox 360 and PS3 hasn't been affected by the release of next generation hardware, according to Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick, and the company has nothing to say right now about the prospect of a port.

"Look, we were selling PS2 products until very recently," Strauss told an investor last night, as transcribed by SeekingAlpha. "If you have great quality titles it's remarkable how long people will continue to consume them.

"I know some of our competitors have expressed that they have seen a big fall off in what is now old gen catalog. But we have made it plain that we haven't seen such a fall off and that's reflected in our very strong third quarter results where our catalog performed as well."


This isn't to say that Take-Two doesn't have many Xbox One and PS4 projects on the boil - quite the contrary. "As the new platforms gain momentum, we hope they will, software is made available for them, a lot of the consumers will turn their attention to that and that's why we have more than ten titles in development for these new platforms and why are sounding very enthusiastic an optimistic about our future," Strauss continued.

"Equally, we remain very enthusiastic about our catalog which continues to sell more units per SKU than anyone else's catalog overtime. Why is that? Because we have the highest quality in the business according to Metacritics for the past five years. And we don't rest on our laurels because we know that's the past five years, we got to do it every day. And we take that mission very seriously indeed."

Asked specifically to comment on the likelihood of a next gen GTA 5, he was reluctant to engage. "I know at times, on these calls people would like me to talk much more about upcoming releases and sometimes there is some frustration that we don't. The truth is though, we are trying to provide as much transparency as we can to our shareholders and leave the marketing decisions and the marketing announcements to our labels, because that's where we maximize our sales.

"So once again, Rockstar will make appropriate announcements about the releases as they come as well 2K. And as they make those announcements and of course we will reference them here, but let me emphasize that we fell very optimistic about our outlook going forward and very encouraged by the results we have had to date."

Rockstar's Dan Houser has discussed directions for GTA 6 and beyond at some length, cautioning that the developer isn't in the business of "fantasising" about what's possible on new hardware.

One analyst claims that both the latest GTA and a sequel to Red Dead Redemption are on their way to Xbox One. Here are nine ways GTA 5 could be upgraded to make use of the new tech.

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