Halo 2 Anniversary Xbox One boxart is "based solely on speculation", says Microsoft

"Your Halo journey on Xbox One begins in 2014", though.

An Xtralife listing for an Xbox One-bound Anniversary edition of Halo 2 is "based solely on speculation and rumour", Microsoft has told OXM. This isn't quite the same thing as denying that the game is in development, of course.

The listing includes a release date - 11th November 2014 - and a suspicious-looking Xbox One boxart, marked "provisional". It follows (and may indeed be inspired by) a report that Halo 2 Anniversary is in the works at 343 Industries, Saber Interactive and Certain Affinity.


Microsoft Studios corporate vice-president Phil Spencer wasn't able to comment on the latter story, when a fan pressed for insights yesterday. He neglected to deny it outright, however.

"Other than confirming that your Halo journey on Xbox One begins in 2014, we have made no announcements related to specific titles," reads the Microsoft statement, which isn't attributed to anyone in particular. "Any report or listing to the contrary is based solely on speculation and rumour."

In what I presume to be completely unrelated news, 343 is working onat least one project that isn't the untitled Halo Xbox One or the forthcoming Halo TV series. Any thoughts to share?