Certain secret Xbox One games have "same scale and potential" as Halo, hints Spencer

"New IP magic" is critical to platform's success

Microsoft Studios chief Phil Spencer spent quite a lot of last night reassuring Twitter followers that Microsoft does, in fact, have unannounced new IPs in the can for Xbox One. Some fans fear that Microsoft's acquisition of the Gears of War IP means that original ideas aren't a high priority, you see. This isn't the case, Spencer insisted.

Find the relevant quotes below. The highlights: Kinect Sports Rivals will launch after Titanfall, Press Play and Twisted Pixel are working on new game concepts, and Spencer thinks certain of the manufacturer's unannounced games could join the ranks of Microsoft's flagship franchises.

Press Play has several unannounced original IP in the works, actually. Read what little there is to read about Twisted Pixel's next game here - I wonder if the negative critical reaction to LocoCycle has had an impact on their agenda?