Titanfall critics are "assuming things" based on older shooters, says Respawn

"I think when people get the chance to play they'll hopefully understand."

If there's one thing everybody fears, it's the unknown. Oh, and not finding enough people to kill in a multiplayer game. Speaking to OXM as part of a massive, exclusive feature you'll read in our very next issue, Titanfall designer Justin Hendry has commented that concerns about certain of the game's more eccentric features are understandable in the absence of hands-on experience.

"No, it's not annoying to me," he said, when I asked for his feelings on heated reactions to Titanfall's six-versus-six match limit in particular. "I didn't really think about it. I guess we're confident with the decisions that we're making, and we agree that the gameplay is best this way.

"I think when people get the chance to play they'll hopefully understand," Hendry continued. "People have a certain amount of apprehension based on the games they're playing right now, and that they've been playing. I don't blame them for having that outlook, and saying that they're going to be bored - they're assuming things based on what they've played, and I understand why people do that.

"So it's not annoying at all, I get it, but I just hope that people give it a chance and make their minds up after they've played the game."

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Titanfall is, of course, one of Microsoft's bigger exclusives. Would the game be quite as contentious if it were a multiplatform release? "I don't know, I really don't know," said Hendry. "People are entitled to their opinions.

"I think anybody watching a game has expectations for what that game should be, and when what they hear doesn't meet a preconceived notion or perception of what that game should be, they might react against it. So regardless of much hype there is behind the game, or whether it's exclusive, if [there's excitement] for something, you're going to get that reaction."

For the full rationale behind Titanfall's present headcount, read this previous OXM chat with Respawn. In brief: it's apparently more fun this way.

Our next issue lands on 14th February. Besides the above, the Titanfall feature also contains extensive tips from Respawn on mastering the game's classes and weapons, new details on Titan abilities, and thoughts on content that didn't make it into the game.